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Native American

lac du flambeau ojibway

Duane Poupart Perch
Unknown Lac Du Flambeau Perch
  Frank Mitchell  

Duane Poupart Perch - SOLD



Unknown Lac Du Flambeau Perch-$50.00


Frank Mitchell - $75.00

Steve Beson Panfish
  Duane Poupart  

Steve Beson - SOLD



Timber Peterson - SOLD


Duane Poupart - SOLD

Tommy Thompson
Roger Stone Musky
  Brandon Vetterneck Decoy  

Tommy Thompson Panfish - SOLD



Roger Stone Musky - SOLD



Brandon Vetterneck - SOLD


Wayne Valliere Pike
David Allen
  Alan Chosa  

Wayne Valliere Pike - SOLD



David Allen - $60.00



Alan Chosa -SOLD


Ross Allen, Jr.   Billy Martin   A.J. Snow  

Ross Allen, Jr. - SOLD



Billy Martin - SOLD



A. J. Snow - SOLD


John Cross          

John Cross -SOLD


















native american

          John Kewagoshkum








John Kewagoshkum - $95.00
Burt Lake Ottawa, Michigan



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